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Keep On Lookin' ... Cuz They Stay in the Jar. Oh OH OHHH!

September 29th, 2005 (03:11 pm)

current mood: splendid
current song: "Because of You" Kelly Clarkson

Today, I assembled a Dakota Standing Mirror all by myself. I haven't built anything since my Lego castle since I was nine.

Tonight, the season premiere of Smallville. Tom Welling back in my life equals smiles and hard-ons all around. First time I'm watching it in a non-New Paltz environment. Sadness. I miss Candice.

Then back to work for a late-night shift. Make that money. Take that money. Ain't no way you can take this from me.

Strange P-Diddy lyrics. Affirmative.

Lastly, look at this:


Now who the FUCK is coming with me?!

Greg [userpic]


September 22nd, 2005 (03:42 pm)

current song: "Dance, Dance" - Fall Out Boy

1. I'll respond with something random about you.

2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.

3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.

4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and I.

5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.

6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.

7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.

8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

Greg [userpic]

Muy Interesante.

September 21st, 2005 (05:55 pm)

current mood: hurt in the feet
current song: "Stab My Back" - All-American Rejects

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beyonce knowles:
    She's hot and she has a pretty voice. But mostly it's that ass. That POW POW of an ass. Girls like her would make me straighter if they were easily accessible and not doing lines off the backs of toilet seats in clubs I'm not cool enough to get into.
  2. comics:
    I've actually fallen out of the comics loop somewhat. Although yesterday I caught up on what's happening in the main X-Men titles right now. And seriously? What the fuck is Emma Frost doing with Cyclops. It's such a cheap ploy to get him to be a more interesting character, which he will never be. No one rocked his cock harder than Jean. Because she did it "Phoenix-style".
  3. family:
    No matter how alienated I can feel at times, my family remains my one constant and the only thing I can depend on in this bizarre world.
  4. hot weather:
    Mmmm ... yeah. Give me a sweltering fucking heat wave, a tee-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, and I'm ready to go. The only good thing about the cold is fuzzy sweaters.
  5. lexuses:
    This actually shows me that I really should update my interests. The fact remains, however, that I am a luxury person when it comes to cars, and I would still blow a married sanitation worker on his way home from work to get a Lexus.
  6. new york:
    I've been around the world ... and I, I, I ... I can't find my bay-beeeeeee. Sorry. New York rocks. Best city on Earth, period.
  7. rancid:
    Until you've thrown yourself into a Rancid pit, you have no idea what a good time is.
  8. stars:
    Comes with the whole emo thing, I guess. They're geometrically pleasing to me.
  9. the matrix:
    Definitely in my top three favorite movies. It raises so many interesting questions about perception versus reality. And Morpheus is just the epitomy of bad ass.
  10. writing:
    Ahhh, without writing ... I would have to bitch about life through interpretive dance, and frankly, I just don't have the ankles for that.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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Hip Coffee & Hipper Furniture

September 19th, 2005 (05:29 pm)
current song: "This Love" - Maroon 5

After a week long battle with a strain of strep throat God reserves only for the most wicked and depraved of human beings, the only battle scar I have is a strange wound on the gum near my wisdom tooth. Hurts alot at times. Canker sore, or have my tooth beavers revolted?

In better news, I had my first day of work today at Pier One. Mostly manual labor, move Box A to Location A etc. They really do have alot of nice furniture though. And with my new handy dandy 20% employee discount, my new apartment is going to be completely deck, decor-wise anyway.

And upon getting home today, I receive a call from Latina Superstar Maria, manager of the Long Beach branch of Starbucks. I start training next Monday.

Two jobs. Ba-gong.

How long does it take to get over a boy? Honestly. I don't want him back. But I want that feeling back. I tell you what, reading old IM conversations, back when he was still new and sweet and interesting? NOT CONDUCSIVE TO ANYTHING. I've been talking to him again, and we're on this strange level of really mean banter, but little actual conversation. He told me about a new girl he's seeing. And how smart, funny, and beeeeeeeeeeautiful (he actually used that many E's) she is. And I think he did it just to see if he could hurt me. He can.

So, I was having a conversation with my father the other day about the fact that I'm scraping bullshit jobs after working "hard" for five years in college to get a degree. I told him there's nothing that English offers in terms of career that really appeals to me. He replied that it didn't matter, and how no one gets a job they have a degree in. This seemed impossible and ridiculous to me at first, but as I began to think about it, it began to make a horrific sort of sense.

We're told as impressionable children that our education, especially college, will be the ultimate contributor to fufilling our dreams. We trudge through papers, mid-terms, finals, some of us throwing ourselves out fucking windows because of the stress, just so we can finally get THE DEGREE. This is where the reality sets in, folks. Talk to the people you know who've graduated college. You'll find that the vast majority of them are working menial jobs, or even worse in my opinion, a job that is a complete sell-out of what they went to school for. The philosophy major making sandwiches at Subway. The public relations major managing a Blockbuster. This is what this country wants from us. Our tuition money under the promise of making your dreams come true. It is fucking bullshit. We're selling ourselves short, myself included. I'm not acting. I'm not working hard enough to see my dreams come to fruition without the taint of the goverment hanging overhead.

So, to all my college friends reading this ... and I'm not kidding ... drop out if you're in it strictly for the academics. You're wasting your time and money. Best to drink and have a great four years filled with good conversations, laughs and sex.

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The New Slang

September 9th, 2005 (01:41 am)

current mood: CHAMPAGNE!
current song: The Food Network

Upon sipping my fourth glass of champagne, the church smell of cloves in the air ... I realize that life could indeed be worse.

But it could be better.

I attended a "hiring fair" for Radio Shack this evening. There were no kissing booths, and the "Whirly-Mobile" was mysteriously absent. However, there was plenty of corporate brainwashing going on! It was basically a single room, a series of uncomfortable chairs, and a variety of ethno-rific wannabe eletronic sales people. I have to admit ... after the skeevy Midwestern kid, the saucy black chick, and the quiet Asian kid walked in, I waited with bated breath for the Eskimo with a harpoon and parka to come waltzing through. No such luck. I completed a never-ending survey, with such questions as "True or False: my individuality has no place in a working environment." And then ... they popped in "The Tape". So many actors, proclaiming in their failed drama-kid voices that Radioshack is pretty much as close to Nirvana as one can get. Classic Moment: when a guy with too much scruff said, completely seriously: "Because of my flexible work schedule, I have time to do whatever I want. Radioshack lets me go fishing whenever I want!" I, of course, laughed. Really loud. Dave, the manager/herder, was not pleased.

I was interviewed afterwards. It really helps the process when you don't care about whether or not you get the job. I really impressed them with my cavalier attitude about pretty much everything they asked. I have a second interview next week. I think they want to break my spirit.

On Monday, I meet with a charming young lass named for Maria for an interview at Starbucks. You can now purchase my soul for the same price as an IPod mini.

Question: Why am I currently talking to Conor?

Answer: Because he remains the only person I have been in love with, despite the fact that he's straight, lives in Buffalo, and I'm somewhat drunk.

I could move to Miami. I could move to San Francisco. But is my business in New York over with?


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What Happens After the Lesson?

August 29th, 2005 (03:44 pm)

current mood: waiting?
current song: "Such Great Heights" - Iron and Wine

I can feel the energy waning, and for the life of me, I don't know what to do to replenish it.

This last week has been a return to the familiar, on all sides. My clothes went into the same drawers, I rode in the same car, sat in the same place at the dinner table. I must've reiterated how great the trip was until I almost wished I didn't go.

Having Kristen back at my side has definitely been a much-needed detail in my life. But in one more short month ... it'll be her time to leave. For the first time ever. I'm honestly not even thinking about it. It seems so far away. Kristen not here? No way. When she leaves, I know that Long Beach will become dead to me. And for the most part, I will not mourn it.

Resume. I went out to the Village this past Thursday, combing the blocks to see if I could find a cool little job where I can comfortably wear my girl pants and perhaps even meet the Dork of my Dreams. I didn't stop to think that the little independent shops probably wouldn't have applications for you to neatly fill out. You need a RESUME! So I need to do that, but trying to motivate myself has proven rather difficult. As it is, I have filled out apps to H&M and Barnes & Noble. Confidence level: 18%.

Spent Friday night with Daniel Ferris. Went to see The Management and Montreal. Both really good bands. Montreal made me happy because of the keyboardist locking eyes with me when she would play the cow bell. I giggled and cheered. She loved it. I totally <3 cow bells. Afterwards, Fer and I just chilled on his roof, watching the clouds, admiring the New York skylight. I know now that no matter where I go, no place will ever compare to the NYC. Good conversation followed. I'm so glad that I met him and Andy. It's nice to just have that male companionship (non-sexual) to fall back on sometimes. They're both so fucking intelligent, but I can also be stupid and gross and drunk without any pretense around them.

I can't be at my Dad's anymore, people. Any couches that are available for me to crash on for no more than a week at a time would be a welcome blessing right now.

While you're at it, anyone who can hook a brother up with a job would get oral sex. No questions asked.

I need to act again. I'm going crazy not doing what I was meant to do.

Times molested in sleep as of 8/29/05:   3

And love has indeed triumphed once again.  Verdict? Complicated.

Insert "don't want to be alone anymore" rant.


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(no subject)

August 21st, 2005 (03:45 pm)

current mood: home-bound
current song: "Dream to Make Believe" - Armor for Sleep


Fucking Europe.

What an amazing experience.

It should be known that I at least attempted to rehash the entire trip here. But there's just so much. We just did so much things. Hehe ...

Basically, I'm coming back to the States tomorrow. And anyone who wants to know the story ... I will gladly relay it to. Over coffee. Or a small cake-like confection of some kind. Your treat. I'm poor now.

I feel good. Satisfied. It's time to go back and really start my life. New Orleans? New York?

Something new, at least.

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Wanna be Americano!

August 8th, 2005 (08:12 pm)

current mood: visceral

It strikes me as quite lame how I am currently in the most city I have ever laid eyes on, and I'm in a hot ass internet cafe ... eating grapes. However, I am conducting serious research. Research that just might change my life.

Venice is ... literally breath-taking at every turn. I have never been anywhere where the entire atmosphere is just ... charged with a palpable, positive energy. It's amazing.

And there's talk of living here.

I could see myself doing it. I don't think for any extended period of time, but definitely for a few months. I think it would do me good.

I have been, for pretty much the entire time I've been here, doing alot of ... soul searching, I guess ... as lame as that sounds. Just pondering the nature of myself alot more, like why I am the way I am, I guess.

Last night, over espresso, I thought honestly about my mom's death for the first time in a long time. There's still so much hurt there, and it was bought to my attention that perhaps I'm not as over it as I'd like to believe. Damn ... that sucks. Boo on unresolved issues.

My entire infrastructure has been called into question. At one point, yesterday, I literally was thrown into a state that can only be called "middle school insecurity meltdown". I just felt stupid, worthless, and just not anything close to what I actually am. It was a very detached, but poignant feeling. I still have the taste of it in my mouth. Luckily, it passed just as quickly as it came. Weird.

But in reality ... isn't this what I wanted out of Europe? This sort of robot mentality of being systematically disassembled and then put back together? Will I be better, faster, stronger, and more importantly, will my hog be girthier?

It's time to explore. Tonight, I want to completely lose myself in Italy.

And of course ... I miss my friends.

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(no subject)

August 4th, 2005 (10:35 pm)

current mood: satisfied

Today skies are painted colors of a cowboy’s cliche’
And strange how clouds that look like mountains in the sky
Are next to mountains anyway

Didn’t have a camera by my side this time
Hoping I would see the world with both my eyes
Maybe I will tell you all about it when I’m in the mood to lose my way
But let me say

You should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes
It brought me back to life
You’ll be with me next time I go outside
Just no more 3x5’s

Guess you had to be there
Guess you had to be with me...

Watching sunset in Hungary ... my sentiments exactly.

Greg [userpic]

Waiting for a Train to Prague ... QUIZZIES!

July 28th, 2005 (07:34 pm)

current mood: exhausted
current song: "Lucky Star" - Madonna

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